Hello from Mississippi!

First time to Natchez

Hi all! I am currently in Jackson, MS and will be working my way down to the coast this weekend. Looking forward to all the connections I can make with friends and family during this time and to see how God moves in people’s lives. 🙌🏻

A week and a few days ago I was in Colorado meeting people, inviting people to join my team and also ministering to those I met. It was such a good time of connection and seeing God heal and restore people. On Monday night I had the opportunity to lead a time of music and being in God's presence. During this time a girl, who shared after, said God brought her into a memory from her past and started to show her where He had been. She said it felt like He was healing her from the pain of this memory. I love how God steps into our pasts and brings restoration!

On that Wednesday I had the privilege to share what I am doing in ministry and also to lead the group of young adults through asking God questions about how He sees them. One girl specifically was being deeply impacted as God showed her the truth of her heart and in this showed her how much love she has for her family. This moment opened up an opportunity to pray for her and speak more of God’s love and truth into her. Also, during this night another girl asked for prayer for her knee and after praying, the sharp pain she had been experiencing was gone and she was able to move it better. It still felt like it needed completion of the healing but during the prayer she felt “things in my knee are moving”. She was full of joy in experiencing God’s touch to her body, and then later I prayed over her and she experienced joy and laughter she wasn’t used to. God was working in her heart to bring her into the strength of JOY! God’s touch changes our lives!


Over the next few weeks I am praying for God to bring opportunities to minister here as well and also to see what doors He opens in building my financial support team. If you are reading this, I hope and pray God brings healing and strength into your day today with His Joy just as He did for the girl in Colorado!